Finance Minister Alexandra Chikwanda and corrupt Children

Finance minister mr Chikwanda and his 2 Children Namely Bwembya and Bwalya Chikwanda have made a great fortune in less than a year, i would like to task the anti corruption and Dec to follow up this eye opening information. Bwembya thru his father has been linked to mulitple chinese and is making abnormal money despite fooling the zambian people of living a low life,he has bought many houses in sunningadle, southafrica, england yet his busnesses dont make so much, his children are at American international school with annual fees of $25,000 (Kr300,000) per child in this economy (and the minister says tighten your belts, really). These people are living extavagant lives at the expense of the zambian pipo. Bwembya is currently getting big deals from Zesco for his steel company which he owns with the corrupt Joseph mwewa (asphlt roads zambia). The little sister Bwalya recently through the dad aquired a commission from a chinese deal which was ment for the Pf campaigns of over 1 million dollars. Which She is spending currently travelling the globe. Bwalya who has always been and is still unemployed, has never owned a business yet lives a very extravagant life despite not being the richest family with luxury cars and a lot of money and children in schools abroad., She spends alot of money on nights out at Mickys and Buzz cafe and over seas trips with friends, while we have degree holders who cant finish at Unza because her dad and the pf have eaten all the money. please dig further for me on this isuue as these pipo need to be brot to book. these people are to greedy.
As we speak their corrupt money is being moved from hong kong to diffrent accounts so that 2016 when Pf lose the money will never be be traced.
Concerned citizen

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