Finance minister Ng’andu is not an economist’

Finance minister Ng’andu is not an economist’


About the debate on experts

By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

South Africa’s best Finance Ministers, Trevor Manuel and Pravin Godhan possessed qualifications outside economics and finance(civil engineering and pharmacy respectively).

And one of Zimbabwe’s best Finance Minister, Tendai Biti was neither an Economist or finance expert. He is a lawyer.

He stabilised the economy and for the first time in Zimbabwe’s turbulent economic crises paid civil servants on time.
Zambia’s own Finance Minister, Dr. Bwalya Ngandu besides being a banker has primary qualifications outside Economics and Finance.

Just remember that the Titanic was built by the best ship builders, marine engineers and experts but it still sunk, while a local farmer built the Ark that weathered and survived the worst flood that human history has ever seen.

Be humble, God can use anyone to achieve greatness

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