Finance Permanent Secretary Mwenda to quit GRZ?

Finance and National Planning Permanent Secretary Abraham Mwenda is reportedly among the people that have applied for the vacant World Bank position in Uganda.
Sources have told the Watchdog that Dr. Mwenda was not sure about the Patriotic Front’s future and has since applied for a job at the multinational bank.
According to sources, Dr. Mwenda, who is also former  Development Bank of Zambia Managing Director is also not happy with the handling of the case involving DPP Mutembo Nchito and Fred Mmembe’s case involving his former bank and Zambian Airways, hence his desire to leave the country.
The source said Dr. Mwenda is also of the view that the Post Newspapers, JNC holdings and its Directors should pay the 14 billion debt owed to DBZ.

When the matter of the K14 billion was in court in 2011, Mwenda  as Development Bank of Zambia (DBZ) managing director, is one of the witnesses who testified against Zambian Airways.

He told the court that the Post Newspapers and JCN Holdings were liable for the obligation they assumed as shareholders.

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