Financial abuse at Inservice Training Trust


Inservice Training Trust (ISTT) is a Quasi-Government institution based within the NRDC _Campus in Chelstone, Lusaka under the Ministry if Agriculture But what is happening there leaves much to be desired! The Ministry of Agriculture seem to have a blind eye.
The Executive Director is literaly doing things on his own as there is NO BOARD to monitor this man.
– The ED-Mungule Chikoye is above 55 and need to be retired.The Ps-Agriculture does not seem to know what is going on.Where is is??
-The Accounts department is maned by an Accountan-Matimba,his sister and Cousin.This is a family affair for so many years now.ISTT offer courses in Governance yet there is no Governance in the Organisation.This is so that they loot the institution.The external Auditor is an Untie to Matimba the Accountant.
-Cattle supplied to the Institution for the Kitchen are sold by a Mike Daka,a driver
and sold at high prices ranging from K7,000 or K8,000 rebased! Goats are supplied by the ED from his farm in Chibombo. Daka is paid by the institution and then hands over the cash to the ED_Chikoye who has a Farm in Chibombo.This is stealing.A cow going for K8,000 or K7000!!!!No Quotations are collected.
-The LaundryMan-Richard Banda is made to be the Purchasing officer literaly,runing around,Suplying the institution and looting cash. Junior officers there are all changing cars,driving and ordering vehicles from Japan.
Some of the suppleirs for fish,eggs include Inlaws to Matimba-Accountant,Young brother and aquitances so that they share the money.
-No Tender procedures are followed yet the institution is offering a MSC-degree in Supply Chain!!!
-Graduates are paid less than a laundry man in terms of package and Conditions of service.
-The Hostels are abused as some of these Divers and junior officers bring their girlfriends there for sex. NDC-students need accomodation but these hostes are being abused for the benefit of few.
Quick action by investigating wings of government have to be instituted as.there is abuse of authority and corruption going on at this institution. A very good insitution which is not serving the purpose it was formed. please with hold my details

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