Financial Inteligence boss’ hubby opposes divorce

Financial Inteligence boss’ hubby opposes divorce

Beam of Hope pastor, Kudakwashe Tshuma has refused to divorce his wife, Financial Intelligence Service(FIC), Mary Chirwa-Tshuma.

He has dismissed allegations that he is violent, financially indiscipline and suicidal.

Kudakwashe Tshuma also asked the Lusala High Court not to dissolve his marriage as it has not broken down irretrievably.

Last month, FIC director Mary Tshuma discontinued her divorce proceedings in the Lusaka High Court filed to dissolve her one-year-old marriage with her husband Kudakwashe Tshuma whom she accused of being in a habit of threatening to kill himself, and allegedly having inappropriate affairs with a number of women.

In a notice of discontinuance filed in court on Wednesday, Mrs Tshuma says she wants the matter to be withdrawn entirely.

“Take notice that the petitioner wholly discontinues the petition against the respondent,” reads the notice.

But a few weeks ago, she reinstated the action demanding that the Court dissolves her marriage.

This followed a divorce petition filed in court on May, 23, 2018, in which Mrs Tshuma told the court that she was lawfully married to Mr. Tshuma, a prophet of Burning Bush Church in Lusaka on March, 10th, 2017.

She alleged in her affidavit, she states that Pastor Kudakwashe Tshuma has numerous inappropriate affairs with a number of women.

In her petition, she has also cited the other reason of Tshuma’s constant threats of suicide as one she can’t live with.

She states that this particular threat for husband to end his life has caused her deep anguish and mental distress as her previous husband committed suicide.

She said her husband attempted to poison himself by drinking Omo Bleach and also threatened to throw himself into a swimming pool in full view of her neighbours and her house guard.

She said that on March 2018, she returned from a Business trip earlier than expected.

She says she found her husband masturbating in the bedroom and enticing another woman telling her;”I want you, I want to come in”.

She said when he saw her he became confused and dumb-founded.

Mrs Tshuma states that when he confronted him about this incidence, he claimed that he was talking to his ex-girlfriend.
She states that at this stage she moved out of the bedroom to the spare bedroom.

She narrates that a week later Kudakwashe confronted her and threatened her with violence and smashed her phone.
She says this phone was her official phone.

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