Financial intelligence boss seeks to divorce foreign husband

Financial intelligence boss seeks to divorce foreign husband

Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) Director-General Mary Chirwa-Tshuma has filed for urgent divorce in the Lusaka High Court.

She is seeking the High Court to dissolve her one year old marriage to a Zimbabwean national, Pastor Kudakwashe Tshuma PF Burning Bush Ministries.

In Zambia the Head of security, defence and intelligence are not allowed to marry foreign nationals.
Mary Chirwa proceeded to marry Kudakwashe when she was already head of the FIC.
Before that she headed the Anti-money laundering Unit

In her affidavit, she states that Pastor Kudakwashe Tshuma has numerous inappropriate affairs with a number of women.

In her petition, she has also cited the other reason of Tshuma’s constant threats of suicide as one she can’t live with.

She states that this particular threat for husband to end his life has caused her deep anguish and mental distress as her previous husband committed suicide.

She said her husband attempted to poison himself by drinking Omo Bleach and also threatened to throw himself into a swimming pool in full view of her neighbours and her house guard.

She said that on March 2018, she returned from a Business trip earlier than expected.

She says she found her husband masturbating in the bedroom and enticing another woman telling her;”I want you, I want to come in”.

She said when he saw her he became confused and dumb-founded.

Mrs Tshuma states that when he confronted him about this incidence, he claimed that he was talking to his ex-girlfriend.

She states that at this stage she moved out of the bedroom to the spare bedroom.

She narrates that a week later Kudakwashe confronted her and threatened her with violence and smashed her phone.

She says this phone was her official phone.

She stated that she had to run for her life but he chased her threatening to beat her in full view of the maid, her house guard and her neighbours!

She also narrated that when she travelled to Arusha Tanzania on FIC Business, her husband followed her three days later.

She said she later discovered text messages on Kudakwashe’s phone from other women.

When she confronted him, he roughed her up and threw his phone in front of her senior colleagues from the region.

She said this action caused tremendous embarrassment to her and her professional standing.

Mary named the women Kudakwashe was having inappropriate affairs with as; Chiyedza from Zimbabwe, Nacky of MandaHill, Hellen Mpanza, Sharon, Nolly and Maureen.

She said when she confronted him about his relationship with these women, he always became physical threatened to beat her and kill himself.

She also petitioned that of worry was Kudakwashe’s confrontational relationship with her Children. She says her children live in fear because of him

She also said that her husband is not only unfaithful with her but with her money too.

“In 2017, he requested for money to buy a key board for his church and said that it cost K28,000.00. But the keyboard was only K15,000.00.” Reads the petition.

She says she also fears for her life as Kudakwashe behaves strangely.

She cited one incidence where she woke up in the middle of the night and found Kudakwashe staring at her.

When she asked him why he said that he thinks that if she died, he would walk away from the marriage with nothing but his Zimbabwean Passport and a Zambian work-permit only!

She stated that the two got married on March 10th 2017 last year.

Mary Chirwa-Tshuma has held the position of Director General Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) since 2015.

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    I saw her pictures she must be sweet for don’t marry such ladies but just have your share nd go.

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    Yes divorce him and marry me

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    Neymor 2 weeks ago

    CORRECTION; He’s not a pastor for Burning Bush Ministries, he’s a pastor for Beam of Hope church in Kaunda Square

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    Chilyata 2 weeks ago

    These reasons appear trivial to say the least but it’s her life. They have been married for only a year and the issues cited are everyday minor problems in marriage which she is bound to find in most men. 
    It appears Mary is under pressure from her employer to divorce her foreign husband and therefore fishing for reasons to leave her husband. I am sure there’ll be no shortage of suitors when she divorces if there is no one already in her life. The guy is already worried which is why he travelled all the way to Tanzania where he thought his Mrs was having a nice time with a secret lover! Imagine he left all these birds between Lsk and Arusha looking for one Mary Chirwa – the is madly in love. Hopefully, those threats of suicide don’t come to fruition.
    Us men can only conclude that Mary must be a very sweet woman – because no man would want to end his life over a woman unless he thinks he would never get the same juice anywhere else! I will be on the look out for the progress of this case because I probably stand a chance to taste her fruits or even marry her if she didn’t mind. But I am not a Pastor!