Financial Intelligence Centre is full of hot air

Financial Intelligence Centre is full of hot air


Created by Parliament and yet to the best of my understanding, its a moribund good for nothing institution only serving RUMOUR MONGERING purposes.

They release a volatile report full of nothing but speculations meant to tarnish other professional bodies such as the Law Association of Zambia.

In their so called report, they are only peddling hypes of crimes without naming or shaming anybody, scared of their own shadows.

The fact that they can’t name or shame the perpetrators actually work to undermine their very efforts and render them utter useless. Perpetrators feel undeterred, the FIC is actually covering them up, and come next year, the rot will increase.

What kind of report where you only indicate Mr X or Institution Y. By comparison, then our police service then does a better in naming and shaming crime culprits.

If FIC can’t be transparent, better they close shop because right now its subject to hideous editing, choosing who can be named and shamed and that is likely to end up in manipulation.

Let FIC copy from reports published by the Public Protector or Zondo Commission of South Africa.

A public investigative wing doesn’t need to hide its findings if they are at all, sure of their findings.

For now, I gues it’s just hot hair being blown out, pretending like they are doing something when in fact not.

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    Chishala Mumba Chito 2 weeks ago

    Article out of bounds. The report they publish is a ‘Trends Report’. Shame on us collectively that such a revealing report can be given and we fail to act on it

  • comment-avatar
    Miles Mulenga 2 weeks ago

    Let’s rename FIC to FSC – Financial Stupidity Center. It is just yet another governmental body filled with nincompoops driving around in expensive 4×4’s

  • comment-avatar
    Eddy chiwambo 2 weeks ago

    Very true.