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    George Siame is the right man for the Job 2 years ago

    False story. George Siame was a very hard working young man with integrity who met his fate by not compromising his true tax assessments with those of his bosses’ expectations. Former DG found an opportunity when Ms Really threw a shoe at George and in his defense best her. But this was an internal matter which DG would hv brought children under his house to resolve but instead DG himself was in the forefront to take Heorge to court for the sole purpose of trying to humiliate George. The court actually laughed at former DG on this issue. 

    I was in court during the ruling and am at a loss over figures being mentioned and it’s fiction.

    Jealous aside, this Board that has been created is up to the task and George will prove the author of this article wrong. Well done Minister of Finance, it is an excellent Board