Financial malpractices at Kasama agricultural office

Dear editor,
Following your revelations  that the Provincial Agriculture boss for northern, Andrew Banda, imposed by former PS for Northern, Mwamba, I took keen interest gathering information on his record in Agriculture. At sundry times I could linger the corridors to listen to conversations. My interest was rekindled by the farewell speech of Mr. Freedom Sikazwe, provincial minister. In his speech he mentioned PACO has being a problem. I thought he joking as a tribal cousin and yet not.

 Country men, there is trouble in the house. There has not been active performance at the provincial office due to maladministration by Andrew Banda from what I have gathered so far. This man duped others into opening a joint fuel account as a way of reducing abuse but unfortunately the abuse was worse. Within a few days there was no fuel at the filling stations for Agriculture. For the last two quarters I have frequented the corridors, there has been inactivity and complaints of no fuel. It is not known who used the fuel for others.
 Recently, there are cries of money for activities misapplied by his administration. Officers activity schedules can not be approved because there in no money in the account at the bank. Country men, where are we heading to? This cadre syndrome is killing us. PF government is getting people from the archives of failure to run the affairs of the country. Mr Banda ,PACO, has a track record of mismanagement and bullying. Mpika agriculture staff can tell a story and I will not be surprised if financial and asset mismanagement is unearthed  there.
I have taken the role of SHUSHUSHU  because civil servants are afraid to write. I urge others out there to take up this role as well and help get rid of cadres mismanaging our resources.


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