Financial mismanagement at Sesheke sec sch

Financial mismanagement at Sesheke sec sch

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I wish to bring to the attention of the public and relevant authority of the mismanagement of financial resources at Sesheke Secondary School. I will not dwell much on the stolen money in the office of the account years back or the APU section scandal were the school was robbed of colossal sums; but of the current mismanagement by the school administration and their kangaroo group of School Accountant and Procurement Officer.
The procurement officer rehearses with the accountant to create fake suppliers and highly inflated suppliers to steal money from the school which is shared. Learners in the boarding are fed on poor diet – everyday on chunks and cabbage. There is no running project the school is so far embarked on. The classrooms, dormitories, offices and other school infrastructure is in a deplorable state; the staff room looks like an abandoned building. Electricity cables are hanging loosely exposing everyone to danger.
The school currently has a number of herds of cattle that has been stagnant for the last 7 years. The cattle is kept in private kraals and no one cares about an increase in number meanwhile the school pays a herdsman. When money is received in school no one is told the school administration, accountant and procurement officer disappears to Mongu and squander all the money. Things are procurement but they don’t come in school.
The school administration and their kangaroo group runs the school like a home; never inclusive. HODs, teachers and other members of staff just watch from the terraces. No one knows if the school has a budget or functional finance, procurement and budget committee. Members of staff are frustrated. The procurement officer doesn’t attend to his classes and he is untouchable as he boosts to be related to the headteacher. The school has received huge sums of money from government and other cooperating partners but how the money is disbursed is a secret between their cartel.
If the situation is not resolved it’s likely that there will be an upheaval from teachers and pupils.

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