Finddlays’ long history of state capture, money laundering

Finddlays’ long history of state capture, money laundering

The Findlay family, which own Chrisma hotel among other drug hot spots, has been in the business of state capture for a long time.

Meanwhile, the Watchdog has identified one of the law firms that the Findlay family uses to clean their dirty money. They use a lawyer called Emmanuel Bupe Mwansa. Emmanuel Mwansa runs a law firm he calls ‘EBM Chambers’. This law firm is one of the entities that is listed in the 2017 money laundering report by the Financial Intelligence Centre. No wonder. (Full details coming on EBM chambers)

During the short but corrupt reign of Rupiah Banda, the Findlay family was at its best in stealing from the public using government.

See below how one Harry Findlay used Rupiah Banda’s regime to save him from. Hong Kong authorities. Findlay was on a mission to supply drugs in Asia but used a forged passport, just like all drug dealers do. When he was captured in Hong Kong, the Zambian regime led by Rupiah Banda intervened and lied that Findlay will be prosecuted in Zambia. When he arrived in Zambia, he was given a red carpet and his open access to state house continued. Harry was sent to Asia to supply drugs by his brother Valden Findlay. Valden Findlay is currently the lead person in state capture. Last week he was seen taking selfies with Britain’s prince Harry at State house .

Read below how the MMD government saved Findaly from Hong Kong:
ZANIS [June17 2009]
Hong Kong authorities have released Harry Findlay, a Zambian national, who was in custody following his arrest over the possession of an alleged falsified passport.
This follows the intervention and representation by the Zambian government to the authorities in China and Hong Kong.
Foreign Affairs Minister, Kabinga Pande confirmed the release of Mr. Findlay in a statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka
Mr. Findlay arrived in Hong Kong from Beijing, China on April 21st this year and presented his Zambian passport for immigration arrival formalities but a record check however, revealed that Mr. Findlay had previously travelled to Hong Kong under a different passport which bore a different date of birth.
He was then detained and subsequently charged with two counts of using a false travel document and two counts of making false representation to an Immigration Assistant.
Mr. Findlay appeared in the Shatin Magistrates Court on April 30th and pleaded not guilty to the charges.
He was scheduled to reappear for judgment on June 18, 2009.
Foreign Affairs Minister, Kabinga Pande said following government representation to the relevant authorities in both China and Hong Kong, the case against Mr. Findlay has since been withdrawn.
Mr. Pande has since expressed the Zambian government’s gratitude to the government of China for the release of Mr. Findlay.
He said this attests to the fact that Zambia and China enjoy warm and cordial relations.

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