Findlay knows Goswani very well

Findlay knows Goswani very well

Findlay is lying, he knows Goswami – Kaweche

By Oliver Chisenga on September 14, 2019

VALDEN Findlay is lying when he says he does not know convicted drug lord Vijaygiri “Vicky” Goswami, says Kaweche Kaunda.

Kaweche says he is concerned that those around President Edgar Lungu are doing him a disservice if they are not giving him the full information about people he associates with.

Kaweche, son of first Republican president Dr Kenneth Kaunda, said there was no way Findlay would deny knowing Goswami because the two have met at the drug lord’s house in South Africa.

He said in fact, it was Goswami who introduced Findlay to him.

“I have been in presence of both of them (Goswami and Findlay) at the same time and it’s not strange for me that they were together because I knew from a long time that they were friends. Vicky, as I know him, Goswami, his wife and my wife grew up together, so they are very close. They grew up like sisters or cousins, that’s how come I know Vicky, I do know him and knew him the time he was here,” Kaweche said.
“For there was no secret that I knew Vicky because ali nichufi (He is my brother in marriage), that’s my knowledge of him. As for Mr Findlay, I know him through Vicky. I knew his sister. She was my classmate. I know his brother up from the Copperbelt and as for him, he was one of the younger ones to us, so he was never in our play circles as we grew up…but his sister was my classmate, growing up. Valden, I do not really know him, but I have been in his presence usually with Vicky there, that’s how I knew Mr Findlay.”

Asked if Findlay knew Goswami, Kaweche said, “Yes as far as I know, they are…why, they are not friends? Unless he’s denying another Goswami but if it’s this Goswami, Vijaygiri, he knows him, they are friends. I have been in Vicky’s home in South Africa and Valden was there so how does he today deny him…why?” he wondered.

“Lemme (Let me) tell you something here, I know that there is this thing going on about the President and Valden…now, my concern is that those around the President are doing him a disservice if they have not given him the full information about people he associates with. They are his eyes and ears. I have not fought the President in any way whatsoever, none but I fought all those around him because some of these things are out there, they know them and would have come to ask some of us and we would have told them what we know but they don’t.”

Kaweche said the Presidency should be protected at all costs.

“They choose to keep some people perhaps who should have been…or cleared that ‘yes we know this person, he did this and that but for now the man has paid his debt to society, whatever you wish to call it and he is okay but they let these things fly around and put the President on the spotlight in a disparaging way. That’s wrong. Like I said, I do not blame my brother Edgar Lungu at all, I blame those around him. So if there is any mess or issues around him, I blame those around him, not the President. For me the Presidency is supreme, we must protect it at whatever cost to make sure the Presidency is held up with dignity and honour and not bring the President into disrepute,” he said.

“These allegations about drugs being taken on the presidential plane and all sorts of illegal matters being talked about because of one Valden Findlay, they should properly check that out. They don’t expect the President to start asking people around, those around the President should do this. As for Mr Findlay, he will remember what I told him when we were in Goswami’s house in South Africa. He embarked on insults on my father in my face, bad insults that I can’t talk about as he played pool…Goswami was there, his wife was there and as I talked to him, he was cursing and swearing while playing pool, at my father. All I know is that they are friends but I do not know what business they do.”

Kaweche said at the time Goswami was arrested in Kenya, he phoned asking for his intervention by talking to President Uhuru Kenyatta to secure his release.

However, Kaweche said after refusing to be used, Goswami phoned Findlay who sorted out the matter through President Lungu.

“At the time Vicky was arrested in Kenya, they were still friends (Findlay and Goswami), and how I know is because Vicky called me when they were arrested in Kenya, they were arrested over this same thing they have gone to America for. He called me to help him and how was I going to help him? He wanted me to talk to President Uhuru but I said ‘I can’t do that…you have just come out of jail in Dubai and you want me to help you, I can’t do that’. So we left it at that. Weeks later he phoned me again and said Kaweche don’t worry about that, Valden is going to sort it out but I asked how then he said he is going to talk to Lungu and Lungu will talk to Uhuru. So don’t worry Valden will sort it out…you are telling me they are not friends, how?” Kaweche asked in disbelief.

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