Finland concerned with PF failure to stick to budget

Finland’s ambassador to Zambia, Perti Antiinen, has observed that Zambia’s main economic challenge is the fiscal policy management as can be seen from the budget deficit which he believes is too high.

Mr. Antiinen told QFM Business News in an interview that the country’s external debt is increasing which should raise concern.He said fiscal discipline and execution of the national budget happen to be one of the big challenges for the country.

The Finnish envoy believes it is imperative that the authorities keep focus on the fundamental fiscal discipline and addressing the budget deficit.

Mr. Antiinen added that it is important to make a solid and conducive working environment for businesses operating in the country in order to attract direct foreign investment.

He said the recent depreciation of the Kwacha against the major foreign currencies should also be a source of concern to the country considering the affect on the economy.


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