Fire Lubinda to save Zambia


By Antonio Mwanza

Lubinda should not be playing Sojo with people’s lives. The shortage of Mealie Meal and the escalating prices of Mealie Meal posses a serious national security threat and Mr Lubinda will do himself a great favour by doing his job. His job as Minister of Agriculture is to among other things, ensure that as a country, Zambia is not only food secure but that citizens can access important farm produce such as Mealie Meal at affordable prices.

It is irresponsible and childish for Mr Lubinda to be challenging us to a pocker game of proving to him whether FRA has enough stocks of maize or not. People are not interested in statistics. People are interested in having Mealie Meal at affordable prices. What is the use of having maize in the FRA depots while the people are queuing up for Mealie Meal which is fetching at prices beyond their reach? FRA is there to stock strategic reserves and not to supply the nation with “normal” daily supplies.

If Mr Lubinda and his Paya Future Government have not exported the maize why do we have a critical shortfall of Mealie Meal? The simple rules of supply and demand dictate that when there is low supply of any commodity, the price of that particular commodity automatically goes up.

Mr Lubinda should do his job before the Mealie Meal Crisis degenerates into civil strife.

We strongly beseech his Excellency, Edgar Lungu to demonstrate leadership and avert potential food riots by relieving the inept Lubinda of his position as Minister of Agriculture.

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