‘Fire sexually frustrated Dora Siliya’

‘Fire sexually frustrated Dora Siliya’

Patriotic Front youths have called for the dismissal of Minister of Information, Dora Siliya for issuing continous embarrassing statements against President Edgar Lungu and his government.

In a widely circulated audio, Munir Zulu has said that Dora is misguided andthis can be traced from the period she broke up with her maried boyfriend, Mark Ode Mubalama.

The youths have attributed Dora Siliya’s erratic behaviour and miscommunication to the ended sexual affair.

Munir Zulu, a prominent supporter of President Edgar Lungu says since Siliya ended the affair with Mark Ode Mubalama her behaviour has been suspicious.

Munir says Siliya’s recent statements have embarrassed President Lungu and it was imperative that action was taken against her.

She urged Siliya to pick one of the boys from Inter-City Bus Stop as her boyfriend to restore her thinking capacity.

Munir who is also among those aspiring to stand as a Lusaka mayoral candidate says Siliya must be fired to bring order to the Ministry.

Earlier, Chanoda Ngwira, another PF prominent youth said Siliya’s statement were designed and calculated to embarrass the government and party.

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