Fire Tender protesters fight over money

Fire Tender protesters fight over money

A fight over money has erupted among individuals ‘demonstrating’ against the acquisition of fire tenders.

Albion, one of the losing bidders in the supply of fire tenders is bankrolling some civil society organisations and politicians to discredit Grandview International over the 42 fire tenders.

But information has emerged that lead protester, Laura Miti operating as Alliance for Community Action is not sharing the money with others.

‘Why do you think only 6 people turned up for the demonstration at parliament last week? We know there is money but only Azwell Banda’s ex-wife is benefiting but she expects us to go on the streets,” An insider explained.

An investigation has revealed that Albion, the company that had also bid for the tender at a higher price of US$49 for the same number of units was bankrolling the campaign against Grandview.

“The idea is to cry corruption yet the whole deal was cleared by the Anti Corruption Commission and the Procurement Agency.

“Costain Simamba the company agent has been financing all the false allegations against Grandview. He has been giving huge sums of money to politicians and even some NGOs to embarrass Grandview,” a source close to the transaction has revealed.

Accordingly, the company has been facilitating opposition press conferences and the planned demonstrations by some NGOs and political parties.

In 2015, Albion was awarded the contract to supply Fire Tenders at close to $50 million but the contract was cancelled and readvertised. Grandview won the re-advertised tender prompting Albion to take the Zambian regime to an international arbitration court in London

The arbitration said there was nothing wrong with the new tender but said the Zambia government should compensate Albion $135, 000 as the legitimate costs Albion suffered when the contract was cancelled.

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