Fired Fodep boss goes for HH

Fired Fodep boss goes for HH

Dismissed FODEP director McDonald Chipenzi thinks the ‘attack’ by UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema on United Nations Resident Coordinator Janet Rogan was in a bad faith.

Last week HH revealed how Rogan helped the ruling Patriotic Front steal the 2016 election. Rogan has so failed to defend her actions.

But Mr. Chipenzi described HH’s revelations as ‘attacks’ on the United Nations and says it’s unfortunate.

Chipenzi, who is currently seeking funding for his new one-man NGO, said this is considering that the UN is an open organization. He said that Mr. Hichilema should have engaged the UN resident coordinator.

Chipenzi says the statement by Mr Hichilema will make the UN Resident Coordinator to be uncomfortable working in Zambia.


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    Macdonald Chipenzi if leaving Fodep, has left you with no job and penniless please learn to live without money it is the way of life in Zambia under PF. Why do you want to defend this evil Rogan against millions of Zambians who voted. small quantity,of poison to kill millions, look at her cause now people not going to school,no medicines in hospitals,malnutrition killing and many more.
    If you are digging gold from Rogan for your new NGO,don’t do it at the cost of Zambian lives.your hands off HH. Rogan has misconducted herself and hence her further long stay in Zambia Irritates millions of Zambian voters.

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    mubanga lungu 1 week ago

    These take lives for granted, the so called Janet Rogan thinks other people’s lives are useless than hers, she thinks the suffering of 15 million Zambian people is nothing to her,, according to you madam Janet, the biting and killings that was going on during the general election was free and fair, the attempt to burn the helicopter in shiwangándu by PF thugs to you that was free and fair, there hiding of HH’s votes by that PF agent in kanyama constituency was free and fair to you, the chabula man who was caught in the result room at mulungushi conference center in the full view of those so called ECZ officials was free and fair to you madam, hey,, you must have a big problem with your head madam, i won’t call you names but i pray that God punishes you severely for you reckless mouth, you want to protect one man, what is wrong with you people? ooh the devil has taken total control of you that now you can’t see what right and wrong, i curse the day you were born.

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    Chelsey 1 week ago

    Shut up Chipanzi! Pardon me Chipenzi. Who cares if the resident coordinator is uncomfortable to work in zambia? Maybe jeolous, hypocrite Chipenzi does. Viva HH! Viva Zambia!.

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    ulubunda 1 week ago

    Chipenzi is right

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    Fundunga 1 week ago

    HH is right to question her, why hasn’t she published the report for all to see, what were the recommendations. The report is not meant to gather dust on her shelf. We need to see the report and implement changes to forestall future conflicts. She was quick to say that elections were free and fair in her eyes but why is it so difficult publish the report. Sly woman

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    janet rogan won,t enjoy her stay in zambia.i promise.