Firing Masebo, what about Scott who also lied?

The dismissal of the bling bling queen of Chongwe, Her Majesty Sylvia Murambiwa Tembo Masebo raises a lot of questions. What happens to ceremonial Vice President Guy Scot who also lied under oath that the dismissal of senior ZAWA managers, the dissolution of the ZAWA board and the cancelling of duly awarded tenders was sanctioned by government?
Which government was Scot talking about since the head of Government has distanced himself from the actions of Masebo?

What happens to the senior managers who were unlawfully dismissed by Masebo?
Are they going to get their jobs back? What happens to the senior managers who were ‘single-sourced’ by Masebo, are they going to be sent packing?
What happens to the cancelled tenders, are they going to be restored?
What happens to the tribunal report, has it been rendered useless? What happens to Sylvia Masebo herself, is she going to be prosecuted? Has the President already been briefed on the out come of the tribunal? These and many other questions deserve answers. It is also worth noting that if Guy Scot was sane, he would resigned because the dismissal of Masebo is a clear indictment on Scott. Unless he thinks Sata is also just monkeying?

He also lied under oath. That means he committed perjury. This also is a clear indication that Justice Roydah Kaoma and her team may have performed their duties diligently unlike Justice Evans Hamaundu whose interest was to have his name ratified as Supreme court Justice.

This is the reason why we said it was foolish for opposition MPs to have ratified Hamaundu.
This also confirms that Guy Scot is the one who was forcing Attorney General Mumba Malila to stop the tribunal when he filed in a stay of execution in the Lusaka High Court.
This also means that Sata is not in control of the day to day running of affairs of the nation. But we already now that anyway. Guy Scot’s defense for Masebo was was meant to cover his own back. We know Scott’s deals in ZAWA where his wife is a board member. We know exactly why she was planted there. Scott knows that one day, chickens will come home to roost.
It is also worth noting that Sata has played a role of the great equaliser in dismissing Masebo.
Why do we say so? GBM resigned as Cabinet Minister so team GBM was one man down and now with the dismissal of Masebo, team Wynter Kabimba has also lost one Cabinet Minister meaning it is now 50-50. The question is…….(as that biased Speaker of the National Assembly called Patrick Matibini would say) could this be the return of Given Lubinda who also testified against Masebo? Watch the Space.

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