First 10 things that prove Zambians are passive

Compiled by Joseph Lungu

1.No one knows which school(s) our President Sata attended.

2.To date we had a President that died in office we still don’t how he died..”Something happened 30 minutes before he collapsed in Egypt” words of the wife Maureen Mwanawasa on BBC

3.Mukelabai Mukelabai was found after three days in a room in south Africa, he was the first person that headed the prosecution of FTJ. He differed with Levy and Nichito brothers over Chiluba. We still don’t have answers about the death

4.Former president dies just before election, children suspect foul play. No inquiry was made into his death

5.We found it funny for a president to declare the only property he has are seven guns.

6.Paul Tembo was shot dead in front of his family hours before he was to testify against government. All the witness all died on the way to court in an accident.

7.The leader of the largest opposition claims to be poisoned and he eventually dies, and the government and news papers laughs him to his death. His name is Anderson Mazoka

8.The Defense Minister is known to have a hot temper that leads to violence. Beats the wife and workers

9.Where the president makes over 75% appointment form one region..and it’s just okay

10.Former president (RB) is left without any security by the government and another country starts providing his security (South Africa).

Where a President has not being questioned by press for a year now

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