First lady back at State House, forced into public to save face

First lady back at State House, forced into public to save face

Dr. Kaseba with ‘donors’

After three weeks of absence from State House following marital disputes, President Michael Sata’ wife was today seen at State House.

Dr Christine Kaseba, who looked, sad, downcast and haunted, was shown receiving books called Exams Made Easy, as if she runs an exam centre.

A statement on State House website says Dr. Kaseba received the books on behalf of her hitherto unknown NGO called Ubutala Bwabumi.

The hurriedly prepared donation was from Melcome Pharmaceuticals, a group of corrupt Indian businessmen struggling to win favours with the current regime after their previous record with the MMD government.

Melcome Industries Limited Directors are the ones alleged to have been keeping motor cycles impounded by the Task Force that were suspected to belong to former Communications and Transport Minister Dora Siliya.

State House sources say they saw Dr Kaseba for the first time today in more than three weeks.

It seems the first lady was brought back from her family to forestall the embarrassment that has been piling on State House from the time she escaped three weeks.

The public appearance for today was certainly aimed at creating a public impression that has always been at State House.

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