First lady disappears from State House due to Sata’s relationship with Inutu Suba

First lady disappears from State House due to Sata’s relationship with Inutu Suba

Inutu Suba

President Michael Sata’s wife Christine Kaseba has left State House to some unknown destination.

Incumbet first lady Kasuba has gone AWOL

Sources at State House say Dr Kaseba and president Sata appear to have been fighting over Inutu Suba before she left.

Dr Kaseba left State House around 04:00hrs on Thursday last week without any security or advance party accompanying her as per tradition.

The departure of the first lady without security is said to have caused panic at State House at first but officers were told not to worry.

The first lady is believed to have gone out of the country presumably South Africa but other sources say she is within the country.

President Michael Sata has a son with Inutu Suba.

The minute Sata was elected president, he appointed Suba as permanent secretary for Southern Province. But civil servants later protested and accused her of arrogance and incompetence. They demanded that she be removed.

Sata transferred her to Central province. Within two months, civil servants in Kabwe demonstrated and demanded that the incompetent Inutu Suba be removed from Central province.

Sata transferred her friend to Luapula province.

Just when civil servants were about to launch protests against her, the president promoted Suba and took her to Lusaka as Cabinet Office special duties permanent secretary.

This position makes Suba in charge of the Office of the President.

It is believed that it is the transfer of Suba to Lusaka that enraged the first lady and led to the fight and eventual fleeing of the medical Doctor wife of the president.

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