First lady still AWOL as police IG comes into picture

First lady still AWOL as police IG comes into picture

President Michael Sata’s wife Christine Kaseba is reportedly in Serenje with her family, as the link between Inutu Suba and Inspector General of police emerge.

Happier times: Sata and Dr Kasuba

Dr Kasuba ran away from State House on 1st November around 04 hours after fighting with president Sata over the president’s relationship with Inutu Suba.

President Sata and Suba have a son.  Inutu Suba was recently promoted to Permanent Secretary for Special Duties at Cabinet Office. She is in charge of operations of the OP.

Latest information indicates that Inutu Suba means business in her quest to supplant Dr Kaseba. Suba, it has been revealed, is the aunt to Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani and the two are working together.

Police sources say it was Suba who requested President Michael Sata to appoint Libongani, a junior police, officer as Inspector General.

It was Suba who brought up Libongani and president Sata met her when she was still a young girl staying with Suba as a dependant.

One source says Dr Kaseba feels insecure that her security is now managed by her ‘rivals’. Suba is in charge of the OP while her niece is in charge of the regular police.

That arrangement gives Suba advantage to monitor Dr Kasuba’s movements.

There are reports that some elders are trying to intervene and bring the first lady back to State House.

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