First Lady tells off Kitwe mayor

First Lady tells off Kitwe mayor


Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kangombe caused a protocol glitch when he seriously misconducted himself in the presence of the First Lady and other senior Government officials.

At a church function, the PF Provincial Women’s Chairperson who was in the VIP delegation was assigned to seat next to the First Lady Mrs Esther Lungu in Church. But Kangombe fumed and told off the protocol and security officers that he was Mayor and deserved to sit next to the First Lady, explain our source.

Our source says during the commotion, the First Lady’s security detail too tried to calm down the angry Mayor but to no avail forcing the PF Provincial Chairperson for women to stand and offer to leave her seat for Kangombe. But both the security and protocol officers intervened and told the PF Provincial Chairperson for women to remain in her seat and ignore Kangombe.

After the incident, the Bishop was introducing the dignitaries and inviting them to stand to greet the congregation and everyone announced did like wise but when it came to Kangombe, he refused to stand or greet the congregation despite been called three times by the Bishop who also later chose to ignore the Kitwe Mayor and went on to introduce others who all stood to greet the congregation including the First Lady.

“It was bad I tell you, we went outside as per protocol to line up and greet the First Lady as she was leaving but the Mayor refused to join us in greeting the First Lady and went straight to his car saying after all, he was elected to his position and she wasn’t”. Said the source.

As the convoy of VIP vehicles was escorting the First Lady to the Presidential Guest house in Ndeke, Kangombe instructed his driver to break off the convoy and take him to his house without escorting the First Lady to the Presidential Guest house as per protocol.

The source says the following night at a Dinner graced by the First Lady, Kangombe tried to apologize to the First Lady in the holding room at the venue of the dinner but security detail denied him access especially after the performance he put up at church the previous day.

He then went to line up to greet the First Lady and it was on line that she said to him “I didn’t know you were this childish, mule Kula”.

” So he joined us on the line in greeting and welcoming the First Lady to the function and it is on the line that he tried to squeeze in a quick apology but the First Lady softly said to him that she didn’t know he was that childish and urged him to grow up by telling him mule Kula. Ala it was so embarrassing for our Mayor because we all heard what he was told by the First Lady”.

The source says Kangombe’s behaviour was uncalled for and embarrassing. ” His behaviour was really uncalled for and very embarrassing to all of us, I am sure the SG has been made aware and don’t be shocked if Kangombe is suspended, he really misconducted himself”.

Dinner was at Garden Court Hotel whilst church was at UCZ Riverside congregation.

Efforts to get a comment from the Kitwe Mayor proved futile by press time as both his mobile lines went unanswered.

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