First Lady’s fire tenders arrive

First Lady’s fire tenders arrive

The fire trucks which First Lady Ester Lungu went to receive in USA have arrived in Zambia.

As can be seen here, these are old disused trucks . The fire trucks were retired by the Los Angeles fire department after serving the area for decades. Two of the trucks are 1985 models, a third one is a 1995 model and the other one a 1996 model.

The First lady’s entourage included 25 people in all. A bedroom attendant, cook, cleaner, waiter, seven police officers, three secretaries, two fire brigade officers, a communications officer and an accountant were among those accompanying Lungu.

This is not even shameful. It is witchcraft.

Actually this scrap metal needs a standby fire tender if they were to work.

Our First Lady should distance her self from this rubbish.

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