First Nigerian ‘prophet’ for hire to arrive in Zambia on Monday

First Nigerian ‘prophet’ for hire to arrive in Zambia on Monday



This is Isaac Amata, one of these Nigerian crooks that have been hired by the PF to proclaim victory for Edgar Lungu. Amata will arrive in Zambia on Monday to make prophesies for Lungu.
On a serious note, president Lungu must stop playing with God before he sins big time.

Amata was supposed to arrive in Zambia today Saturday but could not prophesy or see in a vision or dream that there would be flight delays. He has been stranded at one of the connecting airports after flights were delayed forcing him to reschedule his PF ‘prophetic’ rallies to Tuesday instead of tomorrow Sunday.

One of the so-called prophesies this sick man will proclaim is that the Kwacha will appreciate to K5 per one USD by the end of June. He will also ‘prophesy’ that loadshedding will end before elections.

What kind of preacher is this? Why can’t he prophesy and see when Boko Haram will stop killing people in his native land? In fact there is more loadshedding in Nigeria so why should he see prophesies in the loadshedding in Zambia?

These are the same people who are most likely bringing Satanism to Zambia while pretending to be speaking for Jesus.

In addition to air tickets, five start hotel accommodation, Amata has been paid USD $200, 000 president Edgar Lungu through one of his assistants.

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