First Quantuam Minerals changes name, working conditions


A lot of things has happened within a short time at First Quantum Mineral Operations
1 they have forced FQMO employees to start going to a company clinic which has poor services. They have even deducted K150 from our salaries without us signing the medical scheme, the company is remote controlling the Clinic, they order them not to give sick leave to patients no matter the sickness they just give one day leave of that same day you have gone to their clinic and sign that you are fit for work.
2 they have changed the company Name from FQMO to FQML and they have changed employees Numbers meaning that its a new company, employees are demanding for severance since they are now new employees of FQML . The HR has confirmed that yes the company name has changed and the employees mine numbers but they said that it has nothing to do with the conditions of service. the employees had promised to put tools down if they are not going to be given their dues. They have also told HR to stop the Modern slavery they are using on employees.

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