Production at First Quantum ground to a halt as miners strike

Production at Canada’s First Quantum Minerals Zambia flagship copper mine has ground to a halt due to a strike over wages, the labour minister said on Friday.

Workers at the Kansanshi mine, Zambia’s largest copper mine which produced 231,000 tonnes of the red metal in 2010, downed tools on Thursday, Fackson Shamenda said in a statement.

Kansanshi mine company spokesman Godfrey Msiska separately said workers had blocked the entrance to the mine and nobody was allowed to enter the premises.

“There is nothing happening,” he said about the operation.


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    I wasted my vote last year.I wish i had listened to Chanda Chimba III.

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    bring kambwili back

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    Mitch 6 years

    The stakeholders concerned should quickly resolve this issue.
    FQM is the single largest tax payer in Zambia and there is no telling what this could do to our not so strong economy.
    Let us not kill the goose that lays the golden egg.
    Dialogue is the way.

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    sata is just a president 4 one term. 6 years

    Sata is a president 4 one term.

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    @I’m the one, which school did you go to. Your english is pathetic, can’t get anything.

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    Mwatalala sana kwati tamulipo,ngefyilayo twalelayana, icilyi nikosa?come on Banda is stil alive proove hime that he was not rualing the country patrioticaly.fyikala, eilyoyo munfwa ati ,”chilyi pamunobe”.what u should undastand is dis,when one is cleaming 4 increament its not from without bt 2 compity wth economic standad out there.prices are hiking day out and in. Bring back the price control then 2 lawer the prices so that whatever the miner is geting wii b sastainably u hear no more such noise.Or sucrefyze at least k1 bilion per mth 4 thz workres 4 them also 2 benefeet directly on tax out of k8 bilion u gets per dy coz u are also highl afected 4 the 2 dys no k16 bilion. which is beter, 2 loose k8 bilion per dy or k1 bilion per mth?Come on jst simpel mahts is needed here as we want 2 protect our investaz than leaving the hole lot of buden 2 them,at the end of the day its the gvmnt 2 bleam or apriciate 4. hahahahahahahahahahahahah

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    Tisa 6 years

    We coming. If you think your stone age president will continue counting on the British Colonial Masters, you will be in for a rude shock. This is an e-age and very shortly all phone users will be on e-mail. Just wait for the installation of the 3.7G facilities by the phone providers.
    Keep sleeping like your old man, you won’t know who is pulled the carpert under your feet. Have you forgotten that the youth determined the out come of the last elections and that all youths even those at your village in Mpika have phones? Phones are no longer for voice use but other functions have become main reasons for acquiring them.
    Get the old man to school like his Kenyan friend!

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    M.C.S 6 years

    Internet users make a paltry 0.0001 percent of registered voters in zambia… UPND internet propaganda can’t scare us!!! Viva pabwato.

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    sobongo 6 years

    i pit u chisenga 4xpozing such DULLMESS but kwena uli chikopo! Govt shud fest learn ad investgate the failure of Fqml in kolwezi Drc b45hey start trident in kalumbila

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    Ronald Kangwa 6 years

    PF government needs to act swiftly on the issue of labour disputes or else our county is headed for doom.The more you put some the more you get some goes the saying. But in Zambia its the opposite the more you work the little you get. We make a lot of money for these so called investors. But they fail to reward us reasonably. They think the best thing to do is to sponsor football, reward footballers, buy expensive vehicles for themselves and the rest of the money is sent to their countries so that their relatives home can benefit as well. The worker is not important at all. Chishimba Kambwili started doing what we expected from this government, but the labour ministry was grabbed from him on the basis that his approach lacked diplomacy, was confrontational and he that he acting in an inciting manner. How was he supposed to handle the embattled labour sector. Was he supposed to keep quiet like Shamenda who has failed to come up with the new minimum wage which he was supposed to do in 30 days? May be the President has told him to be reluctant as he is on the Barotse nonsense. Twasukeni twapapata!

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    zero in 6 years


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    Chichi 6 years

    @khoms read today’s post. The government has put maximum of 4% increment for workers. Nothing higher than that percentage

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    Spyglass 6 years

    Very dull ^ @ chisenga. You do realise ur turnin a blind eye 2the issue @hand. YO GOVT SHOULD SORT IT OUT WE’R WAITIN

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    Chisenga 6 years


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    !!!!!!! 6 years

    You cant plant a seed of marijuana, expecting to harvest maize, you put a dimwit in state house, so you get what goes with dimwits,poverty, lack of planning, making wrong decisions etc!!!!!

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    ANIMAL FARM 6 years

    What is happening at Kansanshi Copper/Gold Mine in Solwezi very disheartening. What is wrong with management that they cant solve the labour disputes they are having with workers.Quantum is making a big kill and the workers know that and there is no way they keep on having problems. From word go when operations started there problems of working being employed using labour consultants who made a big cut in workers wages and this stopped after much fight by the workers.We are tired of this nosense. Its not long ago when the Veep Dr. Guy Scot and then labour Minister Chishimba Kambwili intervened in a labour dispute. Godfrey Msisika and the other top Zambians are a source of such problems coz one wonders if these guys explain A-Z to the bosses. If Quantum is not checked properly by the govt there will be more problems when they start full operations at Kalumbila Mine in Solwezi West (Chief Musele’s area). No wonder their operations where halted in Kolwezi Congo DR. They are double faced, wittingly sponsored African Cup of Nations matches live as a corporate social responsibility but are failing to honour their contractual obligations with the employees. Something should be done.
    Zambia Sugar in Mazabuka same thing is happening, they cheat senior govt officials by falsely increasing workers wages only to be reversed the following day after the visit.Are they following the inconsistency by PF govt where appointments are made in less than 24 hrs they are nullified with immediate effect. These industrial disputes resulting into work stoppages are doing more harm to our economy.Govt should move quickly and clean the mess being created by these fake investors or exploiters.They are taking more out of Zambia than they are giving us.

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    Chief MMD Spokes Man 6 years

    Is Zambia geting to its knees.Are things geting to the ground hot?

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    khoms 6 years

    if this PF meant by more jobs,more money in the pocket then only God knows.What is suprising the biggest employer that is the goverment has not come out clearly on the increase of the civil servants salaries.The negotiations must have come to an end by now and April is just around the corner but the goverment is mute on this serious matter.

    Work stoppages are dangerous sign to the economy.May Shamenda has money to run these mines but i wonder since he has just come out of the recycle bin.

    can we have the promises you made to the people.Post News Paper must be the most disgraced media in the world for championing a vision less and useless agenda but just to have their workers appoint in the most agenda less government.

    May God redeem this this beloved country.

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    Wisdom 6 years

    I think they are claiming for the 1.3Billion we used on the AFCON.
    Let them sit down with management and find way forward sooner.

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    Nkani 6 years

    More jobs,lower taxes,more money in your pockets.Chanda C lll is The Man