Fish ban not observed in Barotseland

The national fish-ban which takes place every year commencing 1st December  to 1st of March when the ban is lifted was not enforced in Western Province during the period in question.

This was due to some misinterpretation of messages between government and some people in Western Province.

Some people claimed the Patriotic Front in their campaign messages last year promised not to enforce the fish-ban in the province once elected into power.

This made some people in the province to have the liberty to trade in fish within the province without victimization.

During the fish-ban both fishermen ignored the ban and went ahead with fishing while fish traders also bought and sold fish in markets and compounds without being arrested by the law enforcement agencies or the Department of Fisheries in particular.

Fish traders however, had problems with law enforcement agencies for attempting to take their fish stocks from the province to other provinces in the country.  

And when contacted for comment, ZANIS reports that, the Fisheries Department in Kalabo referred the issue to their Provincial office in Mongu saying this had been an issue between government and some people of Western Province.

However, Kalabo district and Western province in particular has finally joined the rest of the country to do the fishing activities with the government’s blessing following the lifting of the fish ban that has taken effect today.

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