Fishermen using pesticides to preserve fish

Fishermen using pesticides to preserve fish

Luangwa District Commissioner Ngoni Moyo has disclosed that nine samples of fish randomly collected from the district have revealed that they are being preserved using pesticides.

Mr. Moyo says the samples include Smoked, Salted and DRY Fish.

He says the samples were collected between February and June this year and sent to the Food and Drug Control Laboratory at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka.

Mr. Moyo says the results found that fish was found with Dichlorvos, an organo-phosphate toxic substance which is the main ingredient in pesticides.

And Mr. Moyo has warned Fish Traders and Fishermen at a meeting in the District against the use of pesticides to preserve the fish.

And Some fishermen and fish traders who were present admitted that they use pesticides to preserve the fish.☝

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    Pesticides have long term effects whether soaked off or not. They end up in your nervous system, the spinal cord, brain eyes, kedney, lever and joints. No wander problems related to these are high and increaseing these days. Kudya bwino kuletelela.

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    This story was aired on Prime TV news about a month ago. Some fishermen were even heard saying this is the practice in every fisheries area in Zambia. This is worrisome, we are all in danger. Each time I travel to the East, I make it a point to buy some dry fish at Luangwa Bridge Market – to and from the East. Since no one has yet said what the side effects are, will it suffice just to soak the fish in hot water for a long period before cooking it? For how long should it be soaked to remove any traces of insecticide?