Fisho Mwale condemns closure of Muvi, radio stations

Fisho Mwale writes

Muvi Tv is one of the best homegrown Media institutions in Zambia which has an African footprint we as Zambians should be proud of. I personally know Costa Mwansa , Steve Nyirenda, Mavuto and other progressive professionals at Muvi. They are patriots .
Komboni Radio as an innovative concept in Community radio broadcasting is an award winning media entity which is owned by Lesa Kasoma a young woman with an entrepreneurial spirit and determination which is iconic.
What IBA did at this highly politically charged period was wrong. By a stroke of a pen the IBA has reversed the gains that we Zambians have achieved in terms of freedom of the press and the Robustness of our media environment.
I do not subscribe to irresponsible journalism which I believe should be self regulated. It is these acts by overzealous functionaries which undermine our democratic processes and give politicians a bad name.
The timing of the IBA action is bad. Why couldn’t they wait till we resolved the issue of the petition? Why do they want Zambia to have a bad reputation on Press freedom? Whose interest are they serving? Muvi Tv and Komboni Radio are examples of the resilience of Zambian entrepreneurship and am grateful to the IBA for exhibiting unprofessionalism at a time when Zambia needs peace and calm to resolve a matter before the ConCourt.
I beg ,restore the status quo so that Muvi Tv can provide alternative information and Komboni Radio can provide a cheap and affordable market place for vendors. To those who might find them offensive use your remote control. We don’t need IBA to protect us we have our own nascent values of One Zambia One Nation . The love we have for our country and one another will never allow lies to mislead us . We are our own censors and regulators. Our politicians have thick skins and the small price you pay as a politician for the status and power is criticism. Let’s Go Zambia , Let’s Go.
Fisho Mwale

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