‘Fit and healthy’ Sata shuns the people of Western province

With only a few hours before Mangango by-election campaigns close, it is increasingly becoming clear that ‘fit and healthy’ President Michael Sata has shunned the people of Western province as he is not likely to go there.

It will probably the first time in the history of this country that a ‘fit, healthy, and hard working’ sitting President shuns by-election campaigns.

All the people very close to President Sata, including his wife Dr. Christine Kaseba, have been telling the nation that those speculating on Sata’s health were just evil people because the president was ‘fit, health and working very hard everyday.

In this case, his failure to go for by-election campaigns will only mean his hatred for the people of Western province because so far the ‘fit and healthy’ Sata has been to every by-election since assuming office.

Last week, ceremonial vice-president Guy Scott was booed when he went for campaigns using the presidential helicopter as people wanted to see Sata himself.

Scott even assured some chiefs in the area that Sata was fit and healthy and that he would go there for campaigns.


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