‘Fit’ Sata fails to swear-in deputy ZAF commander, do other presidential duties

‘Fit’ Sata fails to swear-in deputy ZAF commander, do other presidential duties

Guy Scott, also old, tired and sick

Guy Scott, also old, tired and sick

Zambia has continued running on auto-pilot as ailing president Michael Sata has continued neglecting his duties, with the most recent one being his failure to swear-in the identified deputy  Zambia Air-Force (ZAF) Commander.

Highly placed sources from the military say a name has already been identified for someone to take-up the position as ZAF deputy Commander following the death of Major General Muliokela Muliokela along with Colonel Brian Mweene in a plane crash in May this years.

“This is what we mean when we say our president is really a security risk as one sensitive military wing is now operating without a deputy for this long. Can you imagine if something today happened to the ZAF Commander. The entire unity will have no command at all. In fact, there are certain operations that have been paralysed in the ZAF unity as a result of the lack of the deputy ZAF commander because the president is failing to appoint and swear-in someone who has been identified. It is just that Zambia is a very peaceful country to be operating without the Commander in Chief who is president Sata himself,” highly placed military sources have disclosed.

The once vocal President Sata has not been properly seen and has been mute from the population for more than 50 days now, missing key presidential engagements.

 Just yesterday, Monday, Sata shunned the visiting Confederation of African Football inspectors currently in the country to assess Zambia’s suitability to host the 2019 Africa Cup, an assignment that requires government endorsement as part of the requirement.

But government insist Sata is healthy and fit, and is on payroll discharging his duties while hibernating inside State House.

But his close aides say Sata’s days as president are probably over as he has lost vocal cords due to cancer of the throat and other multiple ailments, and is currently undergoing through chemotherapy treatment to try and recover his lost voice.

So far it will probably be the first time a sitting Head of State anywhere in the world has failed to campaign for his political party in an electoral campaign, as the case is for Sata who may not go to Mangango constituency in Western province.

Other important engagements awaiting president Sata is the SADC Heads of State Summit to held in the neighbouring Victoria Town of Zimbabwe.

There are also a number of diplomats awaiting to present their credentials to the Zambian Head of State for them to function.

And Sata is also supposed to swear-in a number of Zambian diplomats to Head Zambian missions abroad to replace those that have either been recalled or died.

All the presidential hectic engagements have now been delegated to another old and tired fellow ceremonial vice-president Guy Scott, who probably deserve double salary now.

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