Five lecturers transferred from Malcolm Moffat after Principal’s sex scandal

Five lecturers transferred from Malcolm Moffat after Principal’s sex scandal

IMG_4060Five lecturers from Malcolm Moffat College of Education have been transferred to different colleges scattered all over the country as punishment for being suspected to have leaked the multiple sexual activities involving college principal Maxwell Sikwela. Soon after the officers were served with the letters, Sikwela was said to have been boasting that he was untouchable.

The affected lectures were handed the letters signed by Education permanent secretary Chishimba Nkosha this morning, much to the disappointment of other lecturers. This is the largest number of lecturers to be transferred from one college at the same time.

The Watchdog source gave the names as Mr. Kabaso who goes to Mongu, Mr. Mwaba to Solwezi, Mr. Kunda to Monze while Mr. Muzunda and Mr. Sabi go to Kasama and Mansa respectively. The source did not state whether the transferred officers have been replaced but expressed worry that it will cause some instability in service delivery.

“It is the highest number of lecturers to be transferred at the same time from one college and it won’t be easy to replace their expertise. It was because of the stories you ran concerning the principal impregnating a number of students,” said the source.

Meanwhile police and the Anti Corruption Commission have not yet acted on the death threats that were sent by Sikwela to Brabra Singombe, a student who rejected his sexual manoeuvres. The matter was separately reported to ACC and police in Kabwe last year in December in the run up to examinations.

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