Five parties unite to fight for constitution before 2016, MMD condemned

Five opposition political parties have announced the formation of a United Front for Democracy to champion the enactment of a new constitution before the 2016 general elections.

The five political parties are the People’s party (PP), Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM),Christian Democratic party (CDP) National Democratic party (NDP) and All PeoScreen Shot 2015-05-08 at 13.35.53ple’s Congress party (APC).

Speaking on behalf of the five parties during a media briefing this morning Tentani Mwanza said the UFD is purely for the sole purpose of ensuring the delivery of a constitution that will stand a test of time.

Mr Mwanza says the need for a united front and opposition voice on the constitution making process is pivotal and essential in achieving the desired enactment of the new constitution in the shortest possible time.

He says the five political parties recognize the importance of a strong political opposition front.

Mr Mwanza says the country is at a critical point with regards the constitution making process which demands resolutions befitting the peculiar circumstances.

He stresses that the UFD will ensure that it engages with government constructively before the proposed constitution bill is finally tabled before Parliament.

Mr Mwanza adds that in this regard, they have agreed to meet with the Minister of Justice next week and discuss clauses such as the 50 plus one, the running mate clause,the appointment of cabinet outside parliament and the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation.

He adds that the UFD also has intentions of meeting with President Edgar Lungu to discuss some specific clauses.

And the Grand Coalition in Eastern province has condemned political parties such as MMD that has joined forces with the PF make disjointed amendments to the constitution.

Maxson Nkhoma, the chairperson for the Coalition in Eastern province issued the following statement:
The Grand Coalition on the People driven constitution making process in Eastern Province has noted with great concern revelations that some political parties have finally joined government in using a short cut to give Zambians a constitution via parliament. The stance taken by these Political Parties is not morally question but goes to show how some political parties have become irrelevant to the democratic dispensation of the Country.
These Political Parties risk going into political oblivion due to lack of morality, integrity and belief to stand for what is right for the people of Zambia. First of all we are not surprised because some opposition political parties have not just became puppets of government but they have outlived their usefulness in the political landscape of this country and are desperately to gain person benefits at the expense of giving the people of Zambia a constitution through a referendum. It is immoral and unwise for one to begin to champion short cuts of adopting a very important National document that would sharpen governance institutions in this country.
Zambians will not allow few privileged disgruntled individuals to sabotage the Constitution making Process because of hand outs. We cannot rule out that money has exchanged hands to betray poor Zambians and the move by these political parties against the adoption of the Constitution through a referendum is confirming that the batch is fool of selfish people are against the fight against corruption and better governance institutions and systems. As Zambians let us remain united and avoid been fooled by few privileged people we elected to govern us in a proper manner but due to greediness, they want to fool us. The Coalition is aware of these political moves but would like to mention that it will be met with collective resolve of the of Zambians to have a new constitution through a referendum before the 2016 general elections are held.

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