Five Questions that will haunt Lungu forever

Five Questions that will haunt Lungu forever


1. How can a toll gate in Kitwe be named after Chilufya Michael Sata and a Shopping mall be named after ECL Mall?

2. We all know that Guy Scott was the best friend to Michael Chilufya Sata. They always moved together. Zambians in 2011 told the PF crew  to go and campaign in the bush to gun more votes and Guy scott chose to cross rivers and mountains to campaign. But where is he today?

3. President Chishimba Kambwili campaigned effectively in the copperbelt region and other places as assigned by the PF. The man worked day and night to see PF in power. He was even given a chopper because the Party saw that he was very effective and efficient. Where is he today?

4. How can we loose power after 10 years when UNIP was in power for 27 years, MMD for 20 years?

5. How can you forget the Central Committe that helped you become President? Ungrateful and selfish man.

How can Bowman, Dora Siliya be more Important than Guy Scott?
I feel pity for Judge Nkhoma, the body guard to President Sata then.

Issued by

George Sichula
NDC Copperbelt provincial Chairman

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