Five reasons why PF are self made failures

Our beloved country needs a genuine fresh start, with a new political culture, high spirit of accountability and forward thinking leadership with focus on the economy. The PF have failed this country, mostly based on its own election promises, than anything else. The strengthening of the dollar has not prevented the PF from develop our industry, improving our education, agriculture and health sectors. Here are the reasons why PF deserved the boot in 2016.
1. They have always had no plan
A government which tells its citizens that, the problems they are facing are also being faced in other countries is admitting its own incompetence to solve their own problems. If the MMD are like the lion which made the kill, PF are the hyenas which stole the carcass and finished it all without ever planning the hunt.
2. Trial and error governance
The PF government is the most inconsistent we have ever had. The have reversed policies, reshuffled cabinet positions, realigned districts, restructured ministries, renamed airports, etc. They have basically redone things with no substantial improvement. They are like that dull kid in class who is always using his eraser.
3. Narrow mindedness
The PF’s message to the people is that road infrastructure equals development. Roads alone do not improve the standards of living and PF should be ashamed of this flawed message. People are sleeping on contaminated floors in UTH. People are dying from curable and preventable diseases. More than 90% of Zambians have no access to tertiary education. They are many children in rural areas lagging behind in basic education. Our nutrition is one of the lowest in the world. Many Zambians do not have a financially secure future and every single day is a phase of desperation. Zambians should aspire for a position of high disposable income, pension, health insurance, access to education, healthy environments, housing and security. In fact infrastructure is broader than the roads PF wants to make us believe are a sign of progress. ICT infrastructure is one priority area developing at a slow purse, sewer systems for high density areas are non-existent, irrigation infrastructure only for the commercial farms, alternative energy is not prioritised, etc. If you ask people in certain high crime residential areas to choose between the bitumen road or a police post, the answer is obvious. Other residential areas will definitely prefer clean water supply to these bitumen roads.
4. Fiscal indiscipline
The 2016 budget is about fiscal consolidation, according to the Minister of Finance. Experience has shown that a government that is trying to cuts costs is always coming from a period of misuse of funds. PF of course cannot be trusted with this fiscal consolidation pronouncement, considering that they followed this with an unbudgeted for church building , ministerial positions of appeasement and the President is on record saying that he is ready to spend in order to win 2016 elections.
5. Own admission
Kambwili told the nation to maintain PF in power because changing government causes instability. The government spokesman also thinks government cannot solve the current problems because they were caused by nature. President Lungu called for those with ideas to share them with government. According to our cabinet, the fact the dollar has affected all currencies and load shedding is everywhere in the region, excuses them from responsibility. These statements amount to nothing but, incompetence and admission of failure.

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