Five signs that Lungu will lose elections

Five signs that Lungu will lose elections



1. Many PF members are complaining about President Lungu’s third term quietly in fear of victimisation by the powers that be. The members are saying that today it is difficult to do business without supporting PF, even in bus stations.

2. Money is only in the hands of those supporting the PF, therefore, the audiences talking PF in public are only for survival. People in the compounds are everywhere looking for PF gatherings for them to get empowerment despite knowing that they are not even sustainable.

3. Zambians who could complain about Dollar when it was at K13 against $1, now have nothing to say when dollar has reached at K22. I wonder what ECL thinks what’s on the mind of the Zambian people. Sometimes people speak through silence. They say” the silence of the river does not depict absence of crocodiles”.

4. The prices of goods and services have become a monster to fight. Imagine that a K1000 in shoprite can only buy a hand full in a busket. What a shame of a currency!

5. Many are supporting ECL in public but complaining privately to avoid cadres and the police. The PF are the only ones entitled to hold meetings. We are sad to note that our National Television ZNBC has been turned into a campaign centre for the PF.

I have a message for the PF, you are sitting on a volcano. Soon and very soon it will erupt. Be careful with the peoples Ivory. Things are bad.

King George

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    Gertrude Bwalya 3 weeks ago

    Well written ba  George. Alliance is still alive.  As for Lily Mutambo, patience pays my sister.  Don’t condemn upnd, these are primaries, it’ was give to the people to choose, there  candidate, so where does the condemnation come from. You are cruising in the fast lane. Slow down. The party can only support you after  adoption. 

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    My message to losing upnd aspiring candidates. Democracy entails that you sell yourself as best as you can. If you lose, it’s not the end of the world. Think of the benefit for our beautiful country Zambia, not just for yourself. Continue supporting your party. The cake is big, your good days will surely come too. Don’t start denouncing your party and rush to go to corrupt PF; that’s a sinking ship. They are equally struggling to be selected into positions. The fact is there are few positions available, and the number of aspirants is high, and not everyone will be accommodated in either PF or UPND. I am also talking to our beautiful young lady. We love you.