Five signs to show that HH this a winning next elections

Five signs to show that HH this a winning next elections

By George Sichula NDC copperbelt boss

1. The PF are panicking alot. Trying to fix HH with a good case has failed.

2. Its now clear that President Lungu and his chipante pante Government have failed to fix the economy. When we told them that there was no money in circulation they came up with a plan of dishing out money in form of empowerments so as to have money in circulation.

3. The PF have started an early campaign by having public meetings thinking that it will give them an advantage over UPND. Ukutangila tekufika bane.

4. The people of Zambia now understand the message of President Hakainde Hichilema more than ever before. Where things stand, there is no false allegation that will work to suppress President HH.

5. The PF concentrated more on infrastructure while leaving Zambians to suffer economically. You cannot only marry a woman, build a beautiful house for her and buy an executive car but deny her conjugal rights. This is exactly what the PF Government is doing. They build clinics and hospitals with either no medicine or honeybee drugs. They build shopping malls when people can’t go there to buy. Zambians are all broke except cadres and ministers.

We hear that the PF intends to depend more on the system to win than the votes from the Zambian people because their support has depleted in almost all their strongholds. Tukamonako

Whether they use the system or not, come August 12, HH will be President.

King George

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