Five things to expect from Kambwili’s apology

Five things to expect from Kambwili’s apology



1. You will hear that all suspended NDC officials are reinstated. This he will do to justify and add more fresh to his apology. He will not expel any member because he knows that it may not sit well on people. It may be taken to be unchristian.

2. He will propose to enter into an Alliance with the PF to accommodate those aspiring candidates. Negotiations are going on right now, though not easy. May be the question can be, ” Can the PF remove, for example Joe Malanji and field in an NDC aspiring candidate? Unless a miracle happens.

3. His target will be HH and the UPND Alliance to try and disturbilise to show political relevance to the PF. But God forbid! No weapon formed against HH and the UPND Alliance shall proper.

4. There are two things involved; its either one stands on UPND Alliance or PF Alliance. No one is standing on NDC ticket and there can never be PFC or PF- NDC Alliance. Get it from me. Come and cut my finger on this one.

5. The PF had the biggest task to bring down a man I once described as” a top dog politician” though many thought the term was insulting and disrespectiful. Just imagine, those who advice the PF think that if the silence CK, Zambia can break even politically becoz CK was perceived to be a porn for winning on either PF or UPND Alliance, but not anymore, while others saw him as a distraction in the fight between HH and ECL.

Like they say “politics are very dynamic”. This is a proper political dejavu. Nafipilibuka kale. CK will not decide the winner in the forthcoming race, but Zambians will. My brother has been rendered completely irrelevant in this race. Wait for season 3

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