FJT, the Man who brought multipatyism to Zambia should be honored

FJT, the Man who brought multipatyism to Zambia should be honored

Chiluba, his haters can't reach him anymore as God has taken him

By Elisha K Musoma

If the late Zambia’s Second President Dr Fredrick Chiluba is not honoured by calling one of the best infrastructure in Zambia after him, like what has happened to KK and Mwanawasa, there will be no object or area called after any President in Zambia when a new government is formed.

Dr. Chiluba’s sacrifice and contribution to the wellbeing of mother Zambia cannot be ignored or questioned by any normal Zambia.

Unlike President Sata and the late President Mwanawasa, Dr. Chiluba’s fight for the wellbeing of Zambia stems from as far back as when he was a school boy and he continued until the time he died. Who doesn’t know in Zambia, for example, that when Chiluba was busy fighting the dictatorship of KK, all the rest of our previous and current President Michael Sata were busy worshiping Wamuyaya?

Fredrick Chiluba was expelled from school for speaking against injustices inflicted on black people.

Do I need to remind President Sata that while he was busy enjoying himself as a Governor and Minister of Decentralization and singing – “KK no change”, young Fred refused KK’s appointment as minister, the fact that earned him a lot of unlawful detentions and even poisoning at one point so that we could have freedom of speech and democracy in Zambia.

Had it not been for Dr. Chiluba and a few gallant men who fought for the introduction of multi- party plural politics and democracy in Zambia, Mr. Michael Sata wouldn’t be President of Zambia today, but KK or Panji Kaunda. Besides that, is my President too old to forget that Chiluba came into power after the economy of the once most powerful nations had collapsed and the inflation was well in thousands as the case in Zimbabwe is now, if not worse off?

Yet despite Chiluba having inherited a very huge national debt of about $7bn which he was servicing by paying about $500m per annum, he managed to reduce the inflation to less than 16%, ended the shortages of essential commodities such as sugar, cooking oil, mealie meal, to mention but a few.

He also ended the transport problems in Zambia which had made people to wait at Bus stations for weeks resulting in a lot of marriages of convenience and pregnancies. He constructed and expanded roads such as Kanyama, Chawama, Mtendere, Garden, Chilenje, Matero, Lumumba, Cairo and Great East road in Lusaka city. He also built and updated all the clinics and hospitals all over Zambia into mini hospitals to ease congestion at UTH which was unbearable.

He also built border Posts, schools, courts, modern markets such as the Lusaka City Market throughout the country and initiated rural electrification and took Television to the remote areas of our country. Who doesn’t know that?

The Free Market Economy brought about competition which resulted in stability of prices and abundance of commodities, meaning where in the past we had only one transport company UBZ, we now have plenty of them and they are now competing.

Furthermore, it was Dr. Chiluba who ended Police and Teacher brutality in Zambia such that to date no police officer and single teacher is allowed to torture. At that time people were tortured and detained without cause while teachers could punish and torture pupils which resulted in a number of them leaving school prematurely.

It should also be noted that Dr. Fredrick Chiluba’s progressive policies enabled a lot of Zambians to begin businesses, own houses and cars, which was not possible before Dr.Chiluba became President and today all the economists both local and international are in total agreement that it was the policies that were started by Fredrick that has earned Zambia even the middle income status, without also taking anything away from both the late President Mwanawasa and former President Rupiah Banda.

Therefore, by the foregone, we would expect Dr. Chiluba to be honoured after KK and definitely before Mwanawasa. As a matter of fact, contrary to what Sata’ s so called choirmaster has portrayed about Chiluba, KK and Chiluba are regarded as the Greatest Presidents Zambia has ever had. So the fact that President Sata differed with Chiluba does not mean his legacy should be tarnished or erased.

Could someone please remind the President and his choirmaster that Zambia’s history will never be complete without the people’s President, Fredrick Chiluba, and any attempts by anyone to tarnish or erase his legacy is an attempt in futility! Fredrick Chiluba’s great contribution to the well being of mother Zambia and her people will always be there for all to see and no normal Zambian can question or ignore it.

As for President Michael Sata, he should be even the last man to be used by anyone to ignore Dr. Chiluba because Dr. Chiluba took his bullet when almost no one wanted him in MMD and the opposition. Besides that, Chiluba’s financial and moral contribution to PF and Sata is what has made Mr Michael Sata President and not M’embe, KK, Given Lubinda and not even Winter Kabimba because these people came very late after Sata was already popular.

If it’s Sata’s differences with Dr. Chiluba that is making him to ignore him, who didn’t Mr. Sata differ with? – KK?, Mwanawasa?, Or Fred M’embe and the Post Newspaper? Please give me a break! How many times did Mwanawasa lock him up on trumped up charges and was it not KK who was heard telling people that Sata can’t be President and even encouraged them to vote for Mazoka, Tilyenji or Nevers Mumba? What about “BaMwisho” – Mr. Mpombo, whom he has appointed as an ambassador? Didn’t he call Mr. Sata a demagogy together with M’embe and his Post? Has the President forgotten or think we have forgotten how many times the Post Newspaper called him Satan and a thief and if he has forgiven and rewarded them for the little support, which even came very late, what about the man who maintained him as minister at the expense of very qualified Zambians such as Katele kalumba, Dean Mungomba, Derrick Chitala, then, to mention but a few, when everyone didn’t want him?

We expect the President to do what he did at the funeral of the same Chiluba when he braved the heat and mourned him to do the same by calling not just a building after the man who did so much for the betterment of Zambia.

I again petition President Sata and his government to honour Chiluba and to stop insulting our intelligence.

The Author Elisha K Musoma is the president of

Zambia Republic Party ZRP President

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