FJT won’t stop me from becoming president-Sata

Patriotic Front leader Michael Sata has vowed that second republican president Fredrick Chiluba will not deter him from becoming the President of this Country.

Speaking to QFM in an interview, Mr Sata says attempts Dr Chiluba to stop him from becoming president of Zambia through the issuance of negative statements against him will not deter the Zambian people from voting for him.

He says Dr Chiluba failed to stop him from furthering his political ambitions when he was still republican President and that he cannot do that now when he is a mere political spectator.

And Mr Sata says reports that some chiefs who attended the developmental meeting in Luapula province addressed by Dr Chiluba complained at their treatment is a clear indication that all is not well for the ruling MMD.

He says he sympathizes with Dr Chiluba who the ruling party is using to win president Rupiah Banda support of the people of Luapula province.

Mr Sata says the people of Zambia should bear with Dr Chiluba%u2019s lame statements aimed at regaining their confidence and trust because he is a troubled Man.

Meanwhile Mr. Sata says Zambians are suffering as a result of the high cost of Living under the Rupiah Banda administration.

He says the move by Government to stop subsidizing fuel prices has led to the devaluation of the Kwacha and the rise in the cost of living.

Mr Sata points out that there is nothing in terms development happening in the country urging the people of Zambia to realize the need for the change of Government if the economy of the country is to be restored.

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