Flash back: GBM needs to be careful


If Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba is not careful he will end up in jail, soon and very soon.

The network of criminals he is fighting is efficient and well-coordinated. We are not in any way saying GBM is not a criminal.

He is and we have said that here before. One just needs to browse our archives to see what we think of GBM.

But there is a more dangerous grouping than GBM.

We are sure by now GBM has realised that he is not as close to president Michael Sata as he has always thought.

Or maybe he is but certainly he has now come to realise that when it comes to the network led by Fred M’membe, Sata cannot protect him.

Sata is a puppet who is controlled by M’membe. GBM may have contributed money to his party and funded the campaign, but if he thinks that will give him protection, he is wrong.

In this fight, Wynter Kabimba is nothing but just a front for M’membe.  Kabimba is nothing but a rough and dull lawyer.

If M’membe today told Sata to remove his trousers and walk naked in town, Sata will not ask why but will most likely say should I use Cairo or Cha Cha Cha road?

We shall never understand what bloody pact Sata and M’membe signed but it certainly favours M’membe.

This is why our prediction is that GBM is losing this battle. So far, he has been humiliated by that public withdraw of his militarised escort.

For sure it was wrong and illegal for GBM to use our soldiers in that manner. But how come that illegality has just been discovered and corrected now?

Didn’t the army commander know this all along or was the escort invisible? Whatever the case, in public opinion, GBM has lost the first round.

He has been humiliated and now we all know that Sata cannot protect GBM from the M’membe.

And GBM’s reaction to the withdrawal of the escort is very childish and emotional. There was no reason to surrender the official vehicle. He behaved like a dumped lover. That was not very strategic. He must show that he is a man.

This is not Kulima Tower or BusTerminus where you fight with emotions and shouting. This is a mind game. You think before you move. Certainly that move was wrong and his enemies must

have toasted to it.

Like president Barack Obama says: aim before you shoot, not the other way round. Now, GBM needs to be careful with the case at the Anti- Corruption Commission. He must not put his faith in Sata.

Sata cannot protect him as already demonstrated.

Sata himself does not control the system. He is a hostage. Just in case GBM does not know, he needs to find out who the boyfriend to Rose Wandi is and who pushed her name to Sata to be appointed ACC Director General.

He also needs to find out if Sata knew Stella Libongani before he swore her in as Inspector-General or Police? He should also find out which connections put that woman at the DEC as boss.

Once he understands these arrangements, he will no doubt understand how his case will go.

People like GBM should ask themselves why ACC cases like

the failed bid to extradite former Ambassador to USA Attan Shansonga were first reported to Bwinjimfumu before State House.

Can GBM rely on the office of the Attorney-General Mumba Malila? Can he trust DPP Mutembo Nchito in this fight?

What about the puppet Speaker Patrick Matibini, can he be neutral? Does GBM know that most missions abroad are manned by M’membe’s boys?

It is only the judiciary that M’membe has failed to manipulate, intimidate and control. We are proud of our judges except that Judge Albert Wood of course. Our judges have shown independence and integrity by resisting being controlled by M’membe.

We encourage them to continue showing stamina and resilience.

The country is proud of you. People might not speak but they see what is going.

As for Sata, he may hate us now, but time will come when he will remember what we keep on telling him that he is a puppet; that the system he is running is not loyal to him. He will only realise that when he will try to refuse to walk naked at the order of M’membe.

For now, let him live in bliss and false belief that he is in charge of the state.

As for GBM, well, let’s watch…

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