Flash Back: Govt will pounce on Sata for saying Mwanawasa is medically impaired- Mpombo

Govt will pounce on Sata – Mpombo
By George Chellah
Post newspaper: Monday March 12, 2007 [02:00]

GOVERNMENT will pounce on Sata very aggressively if he continues to undermine President Mwanawasa, defence minister George Mpombo has warned. And Mpombo described Sata’s utterances on President Mwanawasa’s health as ‘practicing political witchcraft’. Reacting to Patriotic Front (PF) leader Michael Sata’s remarks that Zambians needed a sane person who would listen to them over the constitution and that President Mwanawasa could not do it because he was medically impaired, Mpombo warned that the law would visit Sata soon over his irresponsible utterances.

“As government we will not allow Michael Sata to undermine the office of the head of state… he cannot go on undermining the President with impunity like that,” Mpombo said. “If he continues to undermine him, we will pounce on him very aggressively. We will pounce on him very strongly. He will be taught a lesson which he will never forget for the rest of his life.” He said Sata should not think as if the government was asleep. “If Sata is calling for confrontation with government he will surely not be disappointed because he will get just that,” Mpombo said. “Government is ready to take him on very vigorously. We are not sleeping, we are watching him.”

Mpombo further described Sata’s statements on President Mwanawasa as outrageous. “Sata’s irresponsible utterances he has been making are in fact a threat to political stability and national security of this country,” Mpombo said. “So if he continues with his ranting and rumblings, the law will catch up with him soon.” He accused Sata of practicing what he termed as ‘political witchcraft’. “That man is so bitter, he can not talk about the President’s health like that. What he is doing is what can be called as practicing political witchcraft. That’s what he is doing, he is practicing political witchcraft,” Mpombo said. “It’s not even for Sata to make the President’s health an issue because the President himself has already said he was enjoying good health. So why is he talking about it?”

Mpombo advised Sata not to apply double standards when addressing issues of the constitution.
“Sata should stand and look in the mirror and see his past. Let him see the role he has played in the past over the constitution,” Mpombo said. “Government has said that the constitution will be tailored to the desires of the people of Zambia.”

On Saturday, Sata said his party would continue to mount pressure on the government until Zambians get a new constitution before 2011. “The fact is there will be a new constitution before 2011 whether Levy likes it or not,” Sata said. “Zambia needs a sane person who will listen to us and what we are saying. Levy can’t do that because he is medically impaired.” He said President Mwanawasa was afraid of enacting a new constitution because he knew that it would be difficult for MMD to remain in power.

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