Flash back: It is unfortunate people in Western province voted for a refugee- Sata

By Chibaula Silwamba
Post newspaper: Thu 13 Oct. 2011, 13:30 CAT

An MMD parliamentarian accused of being an Angolan refugee yesterday appeared in court in Kaoma, police spokesperson Ndandula Siamana confirmed.

Siamana yesterday confirmed the arrest of MMD Mangango member of parliament Robert Taundi Chiseke over allegations that he was a foreigner.

“Yes, Honourable Taundi Chiseke was arrested in Mangango Constituency in Kaoma District in Western Province and he is appearing in court today yesterday,” said Siamana. “Honourable Chiseke was charged for giving false information to the public officer and other immigration related offences.”

During a meeting with the head of the Anglican Church Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, at State House in Lusaka on Tuesday, President Michael Sata said it was unfortunate that some people in Western Province voted for a refugee as a member of parliament.

“We have one case now where one refugee was elected member of parliament in Western Province. It’s most unfortunate. This is not his fault. It was the fault of the former government because it took advantage of refugees; they Rupiah Banda government gave refugees NRCs National Registration Cards and voters cards, in their continuous rigging of the elections,” said President Sata. “This was a clever refugee, says, ‘if I have NRC and I have a voter’s card, then I qualify to be MP’. He was popular and the refugees voted for him and he is MP in Western Province.”

President Sata said this in response to Archbishop Williams’ question on Zambia’s position on refugees’ welfare.

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