Flash back: Quit, Hapunda tells Lubinda

By Kombe Chimpinde
Post newspaper: Fri 14 Dec. 2012, 14:00 CAT

SOUTHERN Province PF secretary Brian Hapunda has asked Given Lubinda to go back to UPND if he cannot remain fully loyal to PF.

And Lubinda, who is the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Kabwata PF member of parliament, says it is not the first time allegations of treachery against the party concerning him have been raised.

Hapunda said members with divided loyalty must not be tolerated in the party.
“We challenge him to denounce his loyalty to the party where he served previously. If he is failing to do that, then let them get back,” Hapunda said.
“It’s also a warning to the party to be careful with those who are joining from other political parties.

We must scrutinise all the people joining us so that we do not have double loyalty. For example, some have still maintained loyalty to their former party and are not fit to be called PF,” he said.
Hapunda said the onus was on Lubinda to show cause why he should not be expelled from the party.

“The first step has been taken. That is from the office of the secretary general and the onus is on the accused to show cause why action must not be taken against him and this is a lesson to others that there is no sacrificial lamb and sacred cow in the PF,” he said.

Hapunda said that members must always be reminded that the rules and procedures of the party just like those of any club or organisation, must be adhered to.
“Members must show loyalty to the party and must not be seen to be exhibiting double loyalty. This will also be a warning to other members who have become informers of the opposition UPND, MMD and other journalists who are fighting against our cause,” he said.

Hapunda further recommended that all those suspected of being moles in the party also be allowed to exculpate themselves by issuing them with disciplinary letters.

And in an interview yesterday from Equatorial Guinea, Lubinda, who said was representing President Michael Sata at the ACP (African Caribbean Pacific countries) summit for heads of state, said people were free to say what they wanted over him.

The PF has accused Lubinda of working with UPND and MMD against the government.
He has been given a seven-day ultimatum to explain his alleged disloyalty to the PF.

Asked to comment on the contents of the letter which had clearly outlined the allegations levelled against him by some members of the party through the secretary general, Wynter Kabimba, Lubinda said he was going to treat all media reports concerning the matter as hearsay.

“I am not in a hurry. People can say what they want for as long as they don’t associate with me. Zambians appreciate that I have been through this gossip and hearsay about me before,” Lubinda said.

“Even when I saw the letter, my first reaction was let me see the letter because even if I asked someone to read the letter to me, I am sure they will try to emphasise certain points or distort its contents.”
Lubinda said that the issues raised in the letter were between him and Kabimba and that he would not abuse anyone by making them the conveyor of his response.

“I don’t want to react to the press because I don’t know if what has been carried is accurate…but to the author of the message. I will respond to the author of the letter and the people that he copied the letter to. The secretary general was writing to me. I don’t believe he was writing to Zambia. The matter is between me and him,” Lubinda said.

“As you know, this man is very methodical. I like to follow procedure. It is my letter and I will treat it as such.”

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