Flash back: Spare me for now, begs randy MP Sikwela

By Edwin Mbulo in Livingstone
Post newspaper: Sun 02 Sep. 2012,

SPARE me for now, pleaded Livingstone UPND member of parliament Reverend Howard Sikwela whose appeal against his adultery case was thrown out by the High Court.

Asked to comment on Judge Ernest Mukulwamutiyo’s decision to uphold the magistrate court’s ruling upholding the local court’s guilty verdict and subsequent fine K3.5 million payable in monthly instalments of K100,000 with effect from September 30, 2003 after Hakazinga Habanyama sued him in the local court for having an affair with his wife, Munakasaka Chikuba, Rev Sikwela said he would opt not to say anything at the moment.

“What exactly do you want from me? I would appreciate if you could spare me for now,” Sikwela said.
When reminded that the High Court had thrown out his appeal against a lower court’s guilty verdict against him in an adultery suit, Rev Sikwela merely responded: “no, no, I’m not in a position to say anything.”

According to the judgment dated August 24, 2012, judge Mukulwamutiyo dismissed Rev Sikwela’s appeal, saying it was based on facts proved before it.

Judge Mukulwamutiyo said there was sufficient proof to show that Rev Sikwela was involved in an adulterous affair while serving as principal at David Livingstone Teachers College of Education of Education (DALICE).

Rev Sikwela of Brethren in Christ Church was found guilty of sharing love with Chikuba who was married in 1987.

The court further stated that Chikuba admitted to the existence of an illicit love affair between them in writing.

Habanyama, who was represented by John Kapepe of MAK Partners, submitted that the fact that Rev Sikwela and his Chikuba shared a guest room No 124 constituted evidence of adultery.

Judge Mukulwamutiyo in his judgment found that even
Rev Sikwela had conceded that the evidence given by the complainant, Habanyama, was sufficient for anyone to suspect that there was an adulterous affair between him and Chikuba.

Rev Sikwela has not indicated whether or not he will appeal against the High Court decision to uphold the judgment

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