Flash back: Women’s lobby bemoans Sata’s remarks on Ireen

Flash back: Women’s lobby bemoans Sata’s remarks on Ireen

Ireen Kunda was abused by Sata

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By Kondwani Munyeka on Thursday 05 July 2012, 13:24:00 CAT

NATIONAL Women’s Lobby chairperson Beauty Phiri has advised President Michael Sata not to politicise the participation of late George Kunda’s family in politics.

Commenting on President Sata’s remarks in Muchinga last Sunday that Kunda’s widow, Ireen, should mourn instead politicking, Phiri said Ireen should be treated like any other human being free to take up challenges ahead of her life.

Phiri said it was not right for President Sata to take such attacks on Ireen and her family but instead show sympathy to Kunda’s family as a way of appreciating his contribution to the nation when he served as vice-president.

“Mourning is perceptional, depending on how it is interpreted. Therefore, it is not for Ireen to pretend mourning yet there are other things that she can do to move on with life,” Phiri said.

She said Ireen should be left to take up positive challenges in her life.

“As women’s lobby, it is not our wish to see her just sit in the house pretend to be mourning but we would like to see her taking up the right she has as any Zambian citizen in adding value to the development of the nation,” she said.

President Sata said he was surprised that even before traditional rituals for a woman who had just lost a husband had been done, Ireen and her son, Howard who is the MMD’s candidate in today’s by-election in Muchinga Constituency, were politicking. President Sata’s statement followed an earlier statement by Ireen who said the PF prayed for her husband’s death.

Meanwhile, Phiri called for review of recycled leaders into offices as a way of fighting corruption in the country.

“We all know that the fight against corruption suffers a set back because we have all the offices full of recycled leaders who know all the loopholes in each and every department,” said Phiri.

“Therefore, it’s our appeal to the President that he addresses these issues seriously thereby giving women a chance of running them in a way to have a smooth running government free of corruption.”

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