Flash bus owner, ex ZAWA board member blackmailed to fund operation to close ZWD

Flash buses proprietor Ismail Khankara, Yousuf Zumla and Younus Mitha are the people who have been arm-twisted by the PF to financing an on-going operation to close down the Zambian Watchdog investigations have revealed.

Mr. Khankara, the owner of Flash buses together with Mr. Zumla, the owner of Anna Tree Lodge in Lower Zambezi and. Mitha, the owner of Kavulamungu Transport and Bargain Centre were approached by Tourism Minister Jean Kapata to fund the operation to close this site as a blackmail.

“They are the people responsible for financing the operation to shut the Zambian Watchdog. They are very vulnerable because they are seen to be anti government,” the source said.

The source said the three are believed to be the ones who gave information to former Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo that led to the dissolving of the ZAWA board that also led to the dismissal of Masebo.

“They are worried that Jean Kapata will go for them for supporting Masebo and Kapata seems to have known the desperation so when they were approached to finance the project, they happily accepted,” the source said.

The operation centre for the project is at Bearing World along Chandwe Musonda Road in Lusaka which are also offices for Mr. Khankara.

Mitha was a member of the ZAWA board before it was dissolved and he is onvilved in safari hunting. A week ago, president Edgar Lungu said that he would dismantle cartels in the safari hunting industry, a remark that was aimed at people li Mitha.

But when reached for a comment on his mobile phone, Mitha responded emotionally and said, ‘ I do not even know how to use a computer and I can go the police,’ among other senseless statements.

When Sylvia Masebo was dropped as Torusim minister, Zumla cried like a baby.

Zumla runs Eastern Safari while Mitta runs Kavulamungu Transport and has been assured that should he succeed in closing this publication, transport contracts run by most businessmen of Asian origin will be given to them.

Last week, we reported that State House was giving Kr600 per person to sign a petition which in their wildest dreams they think they can convince Facebook to close Zambian Watchdog. We are sure some of you have received that message. You see how your government wastes money. Meanwhile at Evelyn Hone college there has been no water for the past three days. On the other hand, the government is paying Kr600 each to 10000 people on a futile exercise that will not work. 

If only the PF had people who reason properly they would not waste money on such. Infact, this will backfire against them. Facebook receives thousands of such requests from brutal and corrupt regimes around the world that want to stifle critical information. What facebook does is to forward such requests to international Media Organisation and donors . That is why Zambia’s reputation in the International eyes keeps going down. Just last week, Zambia’s standing on the press freedom index dropped 20 points making it among the worst media freedom abusers and intolerant countries in the world. But Facebook has never removed any news page. in fact the Zambian government has petitioned Facebook on numerous times before to remove ZWD.So we are not worried.

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