Flashback: Bishop Chomba and his five wives

Flashback: Bishop Chomba and his five wives


Chomba, one of the main speakers at PF rally in Kabwe on Sunday is the man who said HH is a Satanist at. Listen to him here https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=868699583180793&set=vb.129987587052000&type=2&theater

Below is what was said of him in 2011.

Edward Chomba

Edward Chomba

EXCOMMUNICATED Orthodox Church Bishop Edward Chomba struggled to defend his campaign against the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation yesterday when callers to a live phone-in radio programme took him to task over his social life.

And a church mother body has warned Zambians against voting for Patriotic Front president Michael Sata in this year’s tripartite elections because he has the potential to turn the country into a secular state.

Even attempts by Patriotic Front (PF) president Michael Sata to save the former clergyman from the wrath of callers proved futile as they kept demanding an explanation for his alleged five wives.

Trouble started when former President Frederick Chiluba’s press aide Emmanuel Mwamba phoned QFM radio to contribute to the live phone-in programme that featured MrSata, Mr Chomba and PF Munali member of Parliament Mumbi Phiri.

Mr Mwamba said Mr Chomba should not use abusive language on radio, but respect the country because it is a Christian nation.

“Mr Chomba should not speak as a clergy, but as Mr Chomba because he is embarrassing the church mother bodies of the country,” Mr Mwamba said.

He said Mr Chomba is not a bishop, and does not want to accept what he is.

Mr Mwamba said he has known Mr Chomba for a long time and knows that he is not what he claims to be.

He told Mr Chomba to stop using the title bishop because he was excommunicated a long time ago by his church.

He also said Mr Chomba is wanted in America over an offence he committed related to marriage.

Mr Mwamba challenged Mr Chomba to deny that he has five wives in Zambia, Nigeria, South Africa, Malawi and the United States.

He also challenged Mr Chomba to sue him if what he was saying was not true, and asked Zambians to search for the name Bishop Chomba from Zambia on the internet to see for themselves his moral record.

Another caller from Mufulira told Mr Chomba to be honest because he knows his past, including what he did at a secondary school and a church in the district.

He threatened to expose what Mr Chomba did in Mufulira if he continues telling people that he is a bishop.

But Mr Chomba said he has only one wife and did not want to dwell on his personal problems, but discuss national issues.

Mr Sata tried to tell the callers to stop attacking Mr Chomba over his marital record, and accused them of being sent to steer the programme from the real issues.

He, however, changed the language when more callers phoned in condemning Mr Chomba.

Mr Sata told the former clergyman to defend himself and tell the callers that he has repented.

And Independent Churches of Zambia director David Masupa said any leader who advocates turning Zambia into a secular nation should not be given an opportunity to rule the nation because most Zambians are Christians.

Reverend Masupa said Zambians cannot accept to turn the country into a secular nation.

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