Flashback: burial of Mwansa Kapwepwe

Flashback: burial of Mwansa Kapwepwe


Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe was put to rest near his home in Chinsali, Zambia according to his wish on 31st January, 1980.

He was given a funeral befitting that of a member of the Bemba Royal family.

It was also his wish that his body be covered with a reed mat (????????????????????????) and wrapped in a cow skin as required under Bemba tradition.

Among the ten thousand mourners gathered outside his house was Zambia’s President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, a childhood friend and political opponent.

Mr. Kapwepwe was visiting his daughter on the northern copperbelt when he suffered the stoke and went into a coma. He was taken to hospital but died two days later.

He served as foreign minister in Dr. Kaunda’s first administration in 1964, three years later he was vice-President. He was dropped in 1970, formed his own party, which was later outlawed, and served eleven months in jail.

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